About Liza Jameson

I believe in love at first sight, because it happened to me. I saw my husband across a crowded bar, turned to my best friend and said "Go find out who that guy is, because I'm going to marry him." Sixteen years later, we're still blissfully happy. Romance is real and it's so important, but it isn't easy. My goal is to share these incredible tales of true love with you.

The use of a pen name is a very personal decision. In another life, and on a different bookshelf, I write under a spicier pen name. Liza Jameson was created to separate my genres for my fans, to make it easier to identify what type of book they can expect based on the name on the cover. Searching the internet for ways to come up with names, I came across a gem that suggested using my favorite brand of alcohol as the last name. After several amazing suggestions from friends and family, the best honestly being Liza 99 Bananas, I finally settled on Jameson. Smooth, bold and accessible whiskey really spoke to the brand I wanted to build for myself.

My hope is that my stories will speak to you on a personal level, that you will recognize aspects of yourself in my characters and that it will spark a conversation between us so we can become the best of friends.